You Have Questions,
and We Have Answers

1Can I get a demo or test account?

Absolutely. We are excited to offer you the chance to see before you buy. Request a demo today and begin your journey with us.

2Is there a minimum number of players that I need to get started?

The answer is one. With one or more active players, you are ready to sign up and get them online right away.

3How much do you charge per player?

Our pricing is based upon your volume of players. The more you have, the cheaper your per head fees are. Call or contact us today for a quote!

4Do I get my own website?

We offer several public wagering sites for your players that are included in the per head fees. If you decide that you would like your own URL and website, we can provide one for you for a nominal fee. Contact us now for details.

5Can I set my own rules for my players?

Absoutely. Our platform is designed for flexibility. You tell us what rules you want your players to follow and we build them out for you. Your players will only have access to what you allow at the limits that you establish. You are in full control of your business.

6Can I control the casino odds or winning and losing percentages?

No, the casino is offered by a third party and the RNG (Random Number Generator engine) has been certified by CFG (Certified Fair Gaming)