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What is PerHead?

Perhead is a complete turnkey white label solution for existing bookmakers and individuals looking to become a bookmaker. Our betting software is extremely flexible and offers seamless integration. Our pricing model operates on the pay per head system which means that your only cost will be a small set fee for each player that wagers on a weekly basis. We do not take a percentage of your profits.

Perhead’s betting services provide everything you need in order to operate your own sportsbook. We employ a fully developed web, graphics, and programming team dedicated in making and maintaining your website.

Our efficient customer service and technical support teams are available to assist you and your players 24/7, 365 days a year. Our fully redundant hosting facility is maintained around the clock to fulfill all of your web needs.

“It is organized. It is civilized. It is friendly, for both the bookie and the bettor.” - Sam Borden

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  • Complete Turnkey White Label Solution
  • Perfect for New and existing bookmakers
  • Flexible software with seamless integration
  • We do not take a percentage of your profits
  • 24/7 customer service and tech. support

Why Perhead?

By becoming a white label partner you get to enjoy all the benefits of being a bookmaker without the high operational costs involved with running your own office and without the need to split your profits with a white label service. Your only cost is a single set fee for each player that placed a wager over the phone or over the internet on a weekly basis. Perhead’s fully managed bookmaking service can take your business to the next level.

Your Issue

Our Solution

My overhead costs are too high, and it’s affecting my income.

Perhead dramatically reduces your overhead and operational costs.

I’m only making a small percentage of the total revenue.

Unlike most companies, Perhead does not take a percentage of any losses.

All of my players want Live In-Play wagering, and I don’t offer it.

Perhead offers Live wagering every day on a large variety of sports.

My players want to bet using their mobile phone and tablet.

Perhead has a complete mobile platform for your phone and tablet.

At Perhead we provide bookmakers with everything they need, when they need it. We answer your questions quickly and facilitate your bookmaking needs without waiting weeks. Perhead provides the bookmaker all the right tools to succeed and we offer real time in-depth reporting so you can track your progress. We are constantly upgrading our software to ensure you are getting the most enhanced per head reporting available.

  • Lower your overhead and operational costs.
  • Increase your net profits.
  • Offer superior and highly flexible betting products to your players.
  • Provide a complete mobile presence for your players.
  • Stay informed and in control with in-depth reporting.

Perhead has invested more on technical redundancy than any other company in the industry. This investment translates into an exceptional performance that exceeds most limitations. Our advanced systems have in most cases triple redundancy which increases reliability and decreases downtimes. This dedication to service deliveries is why our sportsbook call center has a 99.99% uptime rating.

Our Mission:

  • Your Brand: Focus on your brand while we run your business. With our white label solutions, we provide the product and the full service giving you the time you need to focus on growing your brand. Having a strong brand, an elite product, and outstanding service is invaluable when competing in a crowded market.
  • Your Customers: Perhead’s bookmaking software lets you monitor and control every aspect of your player’s account. You manage your players as you see fit by having complete control over your offering.
  • Your Profits: With Perhead’s unique business model, you keep your profits and only pay per active player. We do not take a percentage of your profits as other white label companies do.
Build Your Brand
  • Our Product: Perhead’s gaming software lets you provide a sophisticated and exciting experience to your customers including sports betting, casino, horse betting, and in-play wagering. Our back-end lets you control and monitor your players accounts and activities.